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AirCorder is a program used to record (archive) radio station broadcast on the computer hard drive
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31 July 2008

Editor's review

In recent years radio operators, like WorldSpace, have entirely redefined the meaning of radio as an entertainment device. With the soaring popularity of radios in our daily lives, we often tempt to record our favorite tracks from the device. This can be achieved with the help of AirCorder This is an easy to use application, which helps you in recording and making archives of the radio station broadcast. You can easily record and save it on your system’s hard drive. It functions well, and its feature-set is easy to negotiate. To make the recording more convenient, the program presents a scheduler feature to set time for the program to start the recording process automatically. It provides you with different features relating to recording, encoding, history, automatic record deletion, configurations, etc. The user-friendly interface of the program makes it convenient to perform the task of recording.

AirCorder program presents a simple interface to work with and the features well-set on it. Tune into your radio station and when you’re ready to start recording, you just need to click the red button presented with the Record option. Whenever you want to stop the recording you can click the give stop button. The Archive option displays the list of the broadcast recorded with the program. You can Delete or Play the recorded files with the in-built mini player of the program. If you want to schedule the recording then you need to use the ‘Schedule’ feature, where you can load and save the list. To set the Schedule for recording click on ‘Add’ and set the Time, Length and Action. If you want get the recording to be more specifically as per your preferences then you can easily make changes the ‘Settings’. Make the selections for the recording device, input, sample rate, codec, select the folder and filename and the playback device. It helps you to encode the recording into mp3, ogg, and intermediate wav.

AirCorder allows you to keep history of the recording, automatic record deletion, setting flexible configurations, multi-lingual interface, splitting records into parts, etc. Rated with 3 points, the program functions proficiently in recording, and making archives of the radio broadcast, with an intuitive feature-set.

Publisher's description

AirCorder is a program used to record (archive) radio station broadcast on the computer hard drive. Archiving can be useful for example in disputes with the advertiser as a fact of advertising being broadcast or be useful for various checks. Recording can be performed 24 hours a day or in specified time intervals. The program uses leading sound compression technologies so the created files have very small size.

- automatic start/stop of recording in specified time (scheduler)
- encoding into mp3, ogg or other codec on the fly (without intermediate WAV)
- low CPU load
- keeping history of records
- automatic deletion of old records
- flexible configuration options
- multilanguage interface
- records can be split into parts
Version 1.1
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